Elder Scrolls Online offers newbie tips ahead of tomorrow’s Morrowind launch

Does it seem to you as if The Elder Scrolls Online has been launching Morrowind for a very long time? At least half of forever, right? If you are one of those folks who are jumping into the game tomorrow when it officially launches — that is, those of you on PC who didn’t preorder for the head start plus those of you on console who had no head start option at all — maybe take a look at Bethsoft’s tips for newbies before you do.

For example, the studio reminds you to slot as many abilities as possible for the experience, try out lots of gear types to unlock their skill lines, craft gear when you can’t find drops, use heavy attacks, expand your inventory space, hop a Silt Strider, deconstruct junk, and try not to kill any innocent NPCs.

Oh yeah, and eat food. In-game. And also in real life.

What’s your top tip for new players checking out Morrowind tomorrow?

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