ESRB leaks new Diablo III console ‘Eternal Collection’

Someone is still playing right? Maybe.

Diablo III players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will apparently be able to avail themselves of an all-new bundle option.

The ESRB has posted an entry under the “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” header that suggests the new package will include the base game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer DLC, which itself includes the Necro class, minipet, wings, two character slots, stash tabs, a portrait, and a banner.

Release dates and pricing aren’t yet known, but Blizzard has been rolling out teasers with more frequency so far this spring, so we’re betting it’s not far off now.

Source: ESRB via Icy-Veins, Reddit

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Danny Smith

Honestly the PS3 version felt far superior to its pc counterpart. Better ui and gear sorting, no rubberbanding, no always online, local couch co-op. It was just a more fun experience.

Don’t know if its worth buying it again just for this though. I had fun on both pc and ps3 but the games pretty exhausted at this point, seasons can only keep interest in a game getting no new areas, maps or bosses for so long.


Blizzard got the Diablo 3 and the ‘eternal’ part right