Destiny 2 unleashes a triple dose of gameplay featurettes, fan pieces together prequel album

Now that summer is here and online gaming is heating up, doesn’t it seem as though all of these studios are doing everything in their power to keep your attention focused on their products and not the other shiny distractions coming out all over the place?

Bungie wants your full attention for Destiny 2, so look at the sequel square in the eye and deny that you have interest in anything else. To keep your thoughts from straying from the fold, the studio has released three featurettes that show how different aspects of the gameplay works for this upcoming title.

There’s also a fascinating story involving one Destiny fan who, as a teenager, decided that he would piece together Marty O’Donnell’s abandoned Music of the Spheres soundtrack, which was a prequel of sorts to the Destiny score. After 430 days of work, the teen hunted down and cobbled together over 80% of the album, which you can listen to after the break.

Source: Eurogamer

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I’m really looking forward to this, but…please don’t hype up ‘taking all your powers away’ as some special clever move that is totally a part of your plot. It’s been a cheap trick since time immemorial and no player will thank you for doing it. It’s a new game, we get it – just bury the fact we’re starting at level 1 again under the carpet and move on.

Jay Madison

Everything looks pretty awesome.

But I honestly never want to hear most of these guys, especially Luke Smith do an interview/presentation again. Bungie please hire someone to speak for them.

Game is good. Great, arguably. But they just comes off as a super, extra tryhard when they talk about Destiny. Very cringey.