H1Z1 announces $100K prize pool Elite Series summer e-sports tournament

Someone thinks this is neat!

Soloers and team players alike are invited to put their skills to the test in H1Z1’s newest tournament, the Elite Series. Debuting at DreamHack Atlanta on July 21st, the Elite Series will throw some of the best players in the world against each other in single-elimination bouts, all fighting for a slice of the $100,000 prize pool.

A million bucks is on the line for each event in the Elite Series, split between single and team players. It sounds as though the DreamHack event will be the first of a batch of Elite Series tournaments, although Daybreak is being coy on announcing future dates.

Daybreak Director of E-sports Mark Tuttle thinks that this will be a must-watch event: “It’s an arena for the best head-to-head H1Z1 action and will undoubtedly have viewers and players on the edge of their seat. There is nothing that can match the scale or intensity of an H1Z1 tournament where everyone is dropped in together, competing amidst the mayhem to be the last one standing, and we are excited to continue to develop this new genre of e-sports.”

Source: Elite Series
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The prizepool for the complete series is 1 million.
Money that should have been better spent on upgrading their crappy engine.
Larger map, deep water/swimming, caves, 2 wheeled vehicles, everything not possible with their supercool inhouse engine.

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Shit like this continues to gross me out regarding DBG’s business practices. If you want to burn a bunch of money trying to force esports, at least wait until you finish your game and launch it.