Star Trek Online debuts new lockbox items, deploys Escalation console patch

I win I win.
Over the years, Star Trek Online has featured a number of ships and enemy factions from one-off episodes, including an entire group of enemies (the Tzenkethi) whom we never actually see on-screen. But the latest lockbox for the game takes things even further with the Husnock Warship, a ship that we never even properly see during the one episode where it would have shown up. (Explaining would spoil the episode.) The whole point of the Privateer lockbox is that it’s not beholden to limited factions, instead just featuring a collection of various bits and bobs from several series.

Players can also get a new Privateer outfit, pilot the new Miradorn Raider piloting vessel, and pick up new weapons and kit modules. Console players will have to wait for a bit longer to pick up the box themselves, but the bright side is that the console versions of the game are getting a nice big patch today, which should help take the edge off. It contains new featured episode, new War Games, and quality of life improvements, so that’s all good.


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New lockbox items isn’t news, it’s advertising. Which, incidentally, is what most of the article reads like. And a big “play STO” button right beside it doesn’t help.


It’s treason then.

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Urg… so I actually returned to STO over the weekend for the first time in about 5 years. So completely bamboozled by all the currencies and lockboxes and master keys and blah blah. Don’t even get me started on the Duty Officer interface, holy crap.

That being said, nostalgia! I did miss blasting things with my little cloaking Defiant class ship. That upgrade to the lighting looks great, too.