Neowiz confirms axing Bless Online western publisher Aeria Games


Rumors that suggested Aeria Games has been dismissed as the western Bless Online publisher appear to have been confirmed today.

Korean gaming site Inven is reporting that Neowiz, the Korean-born developer and publisher of the MMO, has “canceled the service contract agreement between the two companies […] smoothly after consulation,” meaning that Gamigo and Aeria will no longer be publishing the game in the west.

We’ve seen a few headlines this morning suggesting that Bless’ western service has been entirely canceled, but we cannot confirm that. Neowiz says it will be focusing on the Japanese service “for now,” but does not say whether it has plans to find a new western publisher.

The move isn’t entirely unexpected; there had been little public progress on the western version of the game since last autumn’s announcement that Aeria was completing gutting Bless’ combat system for a do-over. It was intended to release here this year, but we’ve seen far more movement from the Japanese and Russian branches, the latter of which has been temporarily closed down for renovation.

Aeria and Gamigo did not respond to requests for comment earlier this week.


Source: Inven. Thanks, Xavi!
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