Cryptic announces brand-new Magic: The Gathering MMORPG


One of the largest and longest-running collectible card games is about to become a brand-new role-playing video game, courtesy of Cryptic Studios. Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment announced today that it is ramping up development on a Magic: The Gathering MMORPG in partnership with Wizards of the Coast.

The untitled game is being made “from the ground up” for both PC and console as a top-tier release and is part of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Digital Next initiative. According to the press release, the RPG will allow players to “fully immerse themselves in the Multiverse.”

“Everything from the graphics to the gameplay is being targeted for a truly unique AAA game,” said Cryptic CEO Stephen D’Angelo. “We’re thrilled to provide Magic fans with an opportunity to explore the game’s worlds and characters through an entirely new lens. Get ready to embark on a brand new journey.”

Cryptic said that more details, including the title of the game, will be revealed at a later date. It is not clear whether this game will be an MMO such as the studio’s other games, Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online.

Update: Cryptic’s newly launched website confirms that this will be, in fact, an MMORPG. “Cryptic Studios is developing a new free-to-play, action MMORPG based on Magic: The Gathering, the acclaimed strategic card game,” the studio’s site said. “Experience stunning visuals and sound as we bring Magic to life in this next generation MMORPG. As a Planeswalker, you explore amazing worlds, combat powerful creatures, and meet the legendary beings that shape the fate of the multiverse.”

The project doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as we’ve had hints that such a game has been in the making all year. Last month, Cryptic posted a job listing for an art director on an IP-heavy game which had some people thinking of a Magic connection.

Source: Cryptic Studios, Press release
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