Mortal Online breaks ground on modular housing patch


After months of anticipation and previews, Mortal Online’s much-hyped modular housing update is finally here. Patch 1.86 adds the ability to create and decorate a customized house or fortress.

In addition to rooms and roofs that can be placed at will, the revised housing system allows for more than 400 pieces of decor and six new crafting skills related to building and furnishing. Of course, since this is a PvP game, you can always haul up a siege engine to take down a neighbor’s abode if he or she doesn’t meet the standards of the local home owner’s association.

Check out the modular housing patch notes and watch the trailer after the break!

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Nick Smith

And the sub is 20% off on steam I believe until the 12th.

Ive been wanting to try this one. We’ve got Albion Online releasing soon too. So many games… not enough time.