Multiplayer sandbox Astroneer publishes development roadmap, teases themed spacesuits


If No Man’s Sky didn’t exactly scratch your itch for multiplayer interplanetary exploration, mining, and crafting, then Astroneer is suiting up right now to take a stab at this format with all sorts of lovely soft pastel visuals and a quirky feel.

The team posted its development roadmap this week that traces the project’s main goals from Astroneer’s current pre-alpha status all of the way to launch. Currently, the team is tackling some of the large, essential “boulders” that will make up the core systems, which are broken down into more manageable “rocks” to allow for progress.

There were also hints dropped about possible features, such as themed spacesuit designs: “Without giving too much away, one can already begin to speculate about all the ways planet-themed unlockable suits might add to multiple areas on this roadmap, like the research system, crafting, customization, and others.”

Source: Astroneer

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I tried this out shortly after its launch on Steam and while it did have its share of bugs, overall I thought it more polished and playable than many games are further down the road.

My bf and I quickly reached (after maybe 5 hours or so) the limits of then-current gameplay, but we had much fun getting there and are looking forward to diving in again when it’s closer to being fully featured.


I want to like this game. When I first downloaded it a few months ago, it was extremely buggy. It seems very system intensive also, like Landmark was at the beginning. Not sure I like the spacesuit thing over Landmark’s environment free feeling. But we’ll see how it goes along.

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Cool. One thing I love about Subnautica is their live road map on Trello, good to see Astroneer releasing some more info. Game play in this game is so fun, can’t wait for more content and/or mechanics to round the game out a bit more :)