All Secret World players can get into the Secret World Legends beta as of today

After announcing a surprise headstart for Secret World Legends yesterday, Funcom dropped a second Twitter bomb by informing all current Secret World players that they will be allowed into the Legends beta as of today.

“On June 9th, everyone with an active TSW account in good standing will be invited to the beta,” Funcom broadcast. “We’ll let you know when they’re being sent!”

An account in “good standing” means anyone who has logged into the game in the past 30 days. It should be noted that the NDA is still in effect and that all beta characters will be wiped before the launch, so this shouldn’t be considered in the same category as the early start.

Funcom also released a few more details about the headstart on Twitter, saying that it will be open to all current TSW owners and anyone who has signed up for the beta. An email should be sent out to these players soon.

There was also a weapon spotlight on shotguns posted, in case you want to give the enemy shell:

Source: Twitter
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