Dual Universe on playtesting, the planetary map, and summer cons


Kickstarted indie sci-fi sandbox Dual Universe has posted its monthly update this week with a meaty dev vlog from Novaquark’s JC Baillie.

Baillie says that his team is moving away from introducing new features and toward polishing what’s already live and functional in the pre-alpha. That includes working with a third-party company for playtesting. Paid testers – crazy huh! While the studio won’t be at E3 next week, it is promising early alpha previews at the major cons (namely, Gamescom and PAX West) later this summer.

The rest of the video focuses on the game content itself, including moon take-offs, the planetary map (it’s pretty slick!), atmospheric effects, and new art assets.

Source: Kickstarter
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Robert Mann

Not bad. May have to play this one.


I really like the map functionality, it seems like it should be basic for any crafting survival game but it’s not which shows that they are thinking about quality of life things right from the start.


Its shaping up to become a very interesting game !
Nice to see so much of my favorite genre being worked on :)


It does look interesting. I look forward to seeing more of this