E3 2017: EA BioWare reveals Anthem, a shared-world Destiny clone

Shoot at me bro.

Move over Destiny; BioWare is about to take a shot at your market share with its newly revealed Anthem.

Anthem is a “shared-world action-RPG” in which players will don exosuits and head off into the wild unknown to seek adventure and fight forces that aren’t humanity’s best friends. Yes, it sounds an awful lot like Destiny, down to the small four-person teams, although Anthem is putting a greater focus on its Iron Man-like suits and their abilities (which include jet packs). Players will craft and customize their Javelin exosuits to meet the challenges ahead.

The setting is an alien planet with large monstrous foes, violent weather, and extreme terrain. Good thing you have those exosuits, eh? EA is being a little vague about the genre borders of this title, as it sounds a bit like an MMO, will feature character progression a la an RPG, have BioWare’s storytelling at its core, but also be focused on a much more action-oriented gameplay loop.

BioWare is aiming for a fall 2018 release with this game. We’ve got Anthem’s teaser trailer and gameplay video after the break!

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This game makes me think more of an Iron Man game than a Destiny game really at least from those first videos. I mean the co-op part does feel very Destiny or Division based. But the movements around remind me of those Iron Man games.

Really don’t think much of this game so far. Just another co-op Destiny/Division style game. Probably will release with large numbers, then people will find faults. EA won’t be able to pump out the content to peoples desires and then it will get called a failure but some and others will love it. Really not impressed by this game from what they’ve shown so far.

Don’t get why BioWare was pulled in to work on this too. Seems like an odd choice. Maybe for their art style?

Overall, “clone” is a pretty close word to use for it. Not a total clone, but close enough you can feel it’s similarities and the word does ring in tune with it.

Kane Hart

the correct word your looking for is “inspired”.
all games are inspired from something else, i imagine yuu will know when “clone” comes into the picture.


Clone is a poor word to use here. This looks to me like what Destiny should have been. I can’t wait to actually play this.

Patreon Donor

i’m surprised this is a bioware game. it looks better than and unlike anything they’ve put out in the past decade.

the combat actually looks decent for one, the movement fluid and responsive, and the voice acting/writing didn’t make me cringe.

Valen Sinclair
Valen Sinclair

Now we know where Bioware has been putting it’s A-team…because it wasn’t on the mediocre ME:A.

Rolan Storm

Ahahahaha! ‘Clone’. :D Harsh. But I think Destiny made it happen actually by never arriving to PC. We found out Destiny 2 will be just recently, I guess BW did not know too. :)

Besides, there are differences. Let them compete. The best one will win. So far I like flying very much.

Malcolm Swoboda

No emphasis on narrative, no buy. (And I’ve seen none of that yet.) Don’t care either way if it succeeds, but good for them if it does.

Kickstarter Donor

Much to my surprise, I’m not really feeling it.

Sure, it’s slick, and very pretty — and if these things maintain through release, it will probably sell a gajillion copies …

… but functionally, the gameplay looks like the child of Firefall and Destiny. I played a fair bit of the former game, and a metric tonne of the later (I am a Destiny fan, it seems), so I’m not entirely convinced that I need Anthem.

Beyond this, I confess I’m disappointed that Anthem is the big, secret impressive game-project revelation from Bioware — while Blizzard has arguably made its fortunes from releasing slick, accessible versions of popular types of games ( e.g. StarCraft, World of WarCraft, Overwatch …), I didn’t expect a game released under the Bioware imprint to go that route.

I guess I expected a story- and character-driven game from anything published by EA under the Bioware name … but that doesn’t look like what we’re getting here.

I suppose this is the final proof the Bioware is indeed EAware in all respects now; I find myself regretting that Anthem is supposedly the main reason the Mass Effect franchise has been sidelined, going forward.

Again, Anthem looks lovely, and I expect it will sell a gajillion copies on release, barring unforeseen weirdness, but it just doesn’t call to me, personally.



Only thing I like about this more than Destiny or Destiny 2 is that its always in third person mode. Everything else is so scripted and on-rails they can’t really be trusted other than it will have guns and things to shoot at.