The Daily Grind: Have you picked up any bad habits from MMORPGs?


Star Wars Galaxies came close to wrecking my typing skills. Because semicolons functioned as linebreaks in macros and in chat in SWG, I got in the habit of not using them, replacing them with commas. This is a terrible habit to pick up for a writer, as those of you up on your grammar skills know that commas and semicolons do not serve the same function in a sentence. Using commas where semicolons go creates run-ons of doom.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to restrict this bad habit to casual chat and keep it away from my formal writing — like here! — so it only looks ugly when I’m “off the record” in texts or Slack or whatnot. But it’s still a bad habit I picked up for logical reasons in an MMO, and one I wish I could abandon.

Admittedly, this is not the world’s worst habit to have. Can you top me? Have you picked up any bad habits from MMORPGs?

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The worst habit MMO’s have given me is putting LOL at the end of almost every sentence. This is because in chat people frequently assume a tone of what you write without knowing the tone of what you write. And apparently I write aggressively as people frequently assume I’m having a dig.. hence I started having to put a LOL at the end of everything to show it was lighthearted or in jest.

Thank god for the development of voice chat software lol (oops I did it again) :)

Zen Dadaist

Terminology, classifying archetypes outside of MMOs, responding to my usual in-game handles faster than my actual RL name (which hardly anyone uses anyway).


I don’t salt my food. I get it all from PVP.

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Peregrine Falcon

My only MMO bad habit is that I get upset when people refer to vehicles as mounts.


Basically, enforced downtime made me start using two monitors so I could still be doing something else while waiting, which in turn made me utterly impatient with any kind of entertainment that wastes my time. That goes for games, movies, TV series, whatever; it’s not unusual for me to be browsing the Internet while watching a movie or serie or during the slower parts of a game.


recently started playing single-player games again (yay!), when i go AFK for a while, i come back worried that the game kicked me for going AFK for too long! … maybe not a bad habit, but that’s all i have :-D


I use text emotes a whole lot now. I dunno if it’s a bad habit that annoys people but I notice I do it a lot more compared to most people I run into in mmos. I picked it up in FFXI playing with japanese or other foreign speaking players since even though the game had an auto translate feature, sometimes it was easiest to just type a little face into chat to get your message across.

Roger Edwards

I stab people for gold.

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I type much faster and use more “slang terms” than ever. Normal people out there have sometimes problems understanding me when I’m on full-speed :D
I don’t like random people I come across less than previously .. so yeah PUG groups may had an influence on me.

John Kiser

The way I tend to text/type in ims and other mmorpgs was largely influenced by my days in Final Fantasy 11 and I still cannot seem to break the habit of typing in shorter bursts to be able to actually be able to talk during combat. I had to make a lot of calls in text chat for my parties at the time.