E3 2017: ‘Gravity-defying’ LawBreakers releasing this August 8, PC beta on June 28

So... bye.

Hope the start of your summer is calm, peaceful, and orderly, because it’s sure as heck not going to end that way if LawBreakers has anything to say about it.

This “gravity-defying” multiplayer shooter is coming to us courtesy of Nexon on August 8th. The launch date was revealed at this week’s E3 2017, where the team also announced that it would be holding a “Rise Up” PC beta test from June 28th through July 3rd.

LawBreakers will roll out on both PC and PlayStation 4 and retail for $30, unless you want the deluxe edition for 10 bucks more. Players can pre-order the game right now to reserve exclusive character skins.

The key hook of this FPS is the extreme gravity (or lack thereof) situations in its futuristic multiplayer maps. It is rated M, so chances are pretty good that there will be a blood splatter or two during these matches.

Source: Press release

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Bruno Brito

Loved the character designs, but honestly, this seems like a slower quake.


I will only comment to say I can’t comment at this time.

Joshua Dickerson

I know what you mean. But i’m just going to choose and sit this one out.

Indigo Salma

Well then ….


Not sure I’ll ever touch this game with a 10 meter pigtail….but I give it a plus for the rocket boots that blast pink flames. <3


Had me right up til the chest blast…. then… All I could see was Ironman.