Bring an airtank to Revelation Online’s Sunken Galleon dungeon

Arrrr, E3 be the week pirates be centerstage for some reason, and Revelation Online just won’t be left out of the fun. has released a deep-dive into one of the Scour Dungeons first introduced this past spring: The Sunken Galleon. Did we mention it’s going to provoke your phobia of drowning?

“Given the lack of snorkels and scuba-gear, you’ll simply have to hold your nose and dive into this decrepit den of danger, mystery and seaweed if you wish to reap the rewards contained within,” teases the studio. “Once a huge pirate ship that was rumored to have been decimated during a chance encounter with a vicious Kraken, this long-forgotten vessel houses the spirits of an equally forgotten crew – twisted and vengeful after being left at the mercy of the heartless sea, their screams forever unheard as a vile curse rotted their flesh and broke their minds. Only these poor souls know what really happened to the galleon, though they aren’t exactly the talkative types.”

You’ll be beating up toadlings, pufferfish, and pirate ghosts for treasure, “such as HP recovery items that would serve any spelunker well during their daily toil” or, you know, when you’re drowning in a video game. Check out the new images!

Source: Official site
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Is anyone on this site still playing this game? I feel like I see a lot of articles about it, but a general lack of interest in them (based on the small to non-existent amount of comments).

James Mock

I played it for 20 minutes and, honestly I find stuff to be a little too invasive and annoying. Also the game isn’t that much fun.