Pantheon catches fans up on its 2017 progress


Feel like you’re a little behind on what’s being done over at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen? The hardcore MMORPG team put together a newsletter to sum up all of the major developments that have happened for the project, including the recent addition of two new members to the team.

So what’s everyone been working on these days? The Pantheon team members are, in various capacities, writing lore for several zones, designing terrain, placing NPCs, refining combat, and figuring out crafting and harvesting. All of these projects (and more) are being funneled into the eventual pre-alpha test.

Words are words, and sometimes you need pictures too. We’re funny visual creatures that way. Check out nearly a dozen screenshots highlighting the progress that’s being made on the MMO:

Source: Pantheon. Thanks Reht!
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