Path of Exile starts selling Fall of Oriath supporter packs

Money talks — and it paves the way to betas, as we’ve seen many times in this genre. So if you’re a little nervous about not getting into the Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath summer beta test, well, the team at Grinding Gear Games is gracious enough to allow you to pay them a few bucks and they’ll leave the back door open for you.

Supporter packs for the upcoming expansion are now for sale, all of which offer “immediate beta access” in case you’re not into delayed gratification. The packs start at $30 and range up to a staggering $480. Kids? Bad news: You’re not going to eat this summer. Dad’s got to get his video game shinies.

In addition to Fall of Oriath beta keys, the packs contain premium currency, titles, the soundtrack, an array of armor sets, weapon effects, cloaks, social frames, a t-shirt, and an art book.

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