RIFT doubles loyalty points on store purchases

Everything's cool out here. Like, emotionally.
Been saving up your nickels and dimes for trips to the malt shop and the penny candy counter? (Also, do you have some sort of nostalgic time machine or something?) Trion Worlds has another suggestion for your summer allowance: RIFT, baby. RIFT.

Right now, the studio is handing out double loyalty points for any purchases made in the RIFT cash shop. Loyalty points eventually unlock different rewards, from mounts to pets to titles. The studio notes that these double points will not be handed out for any non-credit bundles, REX, or Patron subscriptions. The promotion will run through next Wednesday, June 21st.

Source: RIFT. Thanks Clowd!

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I just started playing again after a long break a couple of weeks ago, inaugurating my return with a bit of a splash in the shop there. If only I was psychic… :D

Loyal Patron

ie. now that we’ve driven away most of our customer base, we’ll give those remaining players twice the appreciation?


they already gave the expansion away for free a few weeks back, why not…?