LOTRO players uncover secret anniversary quest

While Lord of the Rings Online’s anniversary began back in April, it is only now coming to completion with this week’s addition of the Year 10 scavenger hunt cards. However, the lengthy event has one hidden and surprising conclusion that players have only now discovered.

You see, for each of the 10 weeks, the anniversary quests have been rewarding players with seemingly worthless scraps of paper (in addition to other, more fun goodies). One each of these pieces of paper was a tiny bit of information that, when collected and combined, revealed map coordinates.

Players used these coordinates on different zones in the game to discover that in Bree-land there is a mysterious new pillar in the middle of a lake that looks suspiciously like Standing Stone Games’ logo. Lo and behold, the giant stone even grants a quest that has a final reward for anniversary adventurers. We’ve hidden the spoilers to this quest below if you need a hand!

Reveal spoiler
Finish the Anniversary scavenger hunt Year 10 quest

Go to Bree-land at coordinates 23.8, 57.5 (the lake to the west of where the map says “Northern Bree-fields”)

Get the quest from the standing stone

Quickly perform the following series of emotes and then click on the stone:


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