Master X Master’s launch client and name reservations are now available

The first dozen of cuts are all equally deep, really.

We are still a few days off from Master X Master’s official launch, but that shouldn’t stop you from preparing for the launch of this hybrid MOBA. NCsoft informed fans that it could go ahead and download the launch client, advising players that they should uninstall any test clients first.

Another preparatory step is to reserve your name, which is totally a thing you can do provided that you’ve purchased one of the more expensive founder’s packs. Players who have bought either the $60 or $100 packs can go ahead and reserve a single name for use when Master X Master goes live. The name reservations will end on June 21st.

Get to know some of the voice acting behind your favorite MxM characters after the break!

Source: MxMTwitter
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You mean NCsoft? : P

Oh well, that’s good. I’m mildly curious about this one so I’ll try to remember to get the client downloaded over the weekend.

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I’ve yet to find a MOBA I find even remotely interesting, but for some reason I’m interested in trying this one out.


That’s what Poh looks like in real life? Heh. Sort of fits I think.

Ok. I need to decide. I’m going to play this game, but should I buy in early? Hmm.


TBH, the founder’s packs are pretty low-value. unless you’re really keen on one of the exclusive skins, it’d be better to save your bucks to buy masters or skins you actually want.