Tale of Toast starts bi-weekly alpha tests on Steam


Self-labeled “hardcore” MMO Tale of Toast is kicking off bi-weekly alpha tests, and you are invited to the party. The two-person development team told Redditors that starting this weekend, it will be holding an alpha test through Steam. Interested parties can hop over to the official Discord channel to ask for a key.

Curious about what Tale of Toast looks like? The team put together a photo tour of this deceptively colorful game while pointing out some of its key features along the way.

The devs also made their elevator pitch about what makes this MMO special: “Tale of Toast is an open world MMORPG with hardcore PvP mechanics and where dying actually means something, and is inspired by old school MMORPGs and boardgames. Experience battles throughout the entire world against other players and guilds with the goal to take their items upon killing them, and risk losing your own upon your death.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Harley!

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I already don’t really like randomly being killed by jerks, that they could kill me and take my stuff, nah, I’ll pass. This is for people with way more time to play and gather up that stuff than I have.

I admit that there are things that look interesting, but so far in my experience except for when the game first launches and everybody is equal for a bit, I simply don’t have the time (or funds in P2W games) to keep up with the people who play all day long. A good percentage of those seem to like to randomly kill people much lower than they are for kicks.

I’m up for a really good and tough challenge, but not an impossible fight (which is what most PvP ganks are) – especially where the other person gets to take your stuff when they’re done.

Such a cute game for such a hardcore system. Deceptive, the cuteness almost draws me in.

It’s certainly okay and fair for them to make the game however they want and that’s good for the people who like this kind of stuff, so I hope those of you that do like such a system end up having fun there :D


It reminds me of playing MUDs back in the day.

Robert Mann

I just can’t play this game since I can’t play as a piece of bread. I could stand almost any terribleness to the game for at least a little bit, but with that title, and no character model that is bread with arms and legs (and ideally a crispy darkness to it) I’m done. The game title demands such an irreverent spoof as pieces of toast running around with spoons flinging jam at foes… but alas, tis not to be.

So much potential for a comedic spoof MMO left unfulfilled.

*P.S. I’ve got butter, strawberry jam (homemade,) and honey, who’s in for a toast party?*


Wow, this looks really cool and fun. The cutesy look kind of works for me. Will definitely be trying this out in a few weeks (busy this weekend).