EVE Online calls upon pilots to fight a rogue swarm

EVE Online calls upon pilots to fight a rogue swarm

If you haven’t heard from one of your friends who plays EVE Online lately, it might be because he or she is in the thick of a swarm. Rogue Swarm Alert, EVE’s June event, is currently running and offers players an exciting diversion to mining and backstabbing.

“Join your fellow capsuleers and help CONCORD defeat the swarms of rogue drones,” CCP explained. “The bigger the Drone boss you encounter, the better the chances of getting valuable rewards. Pilots of all abilities and levels are welcome and encouraged to assist, from the newest alpha pilots to the most seasoned Omegas.”

Also, this weekend a group of EVE Online streamers played for 72 hours in the EVEathon to raise funds for AbleGamers. Their efforts were rewarded with over $20,000 raised for the gamer charity.

Source: Twitter

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I haven’t played much but I’m really enjoying this event. It’s a great way for me to add to my skin collection.


It’s great to see more PVE events. Keep it up!


Haven’t participated in the Swarm event yet, but it is generating a ton of content all across New Eden from what I’ve heard. That’s great for CCP; they definitely needed a win after the last couple weeks.