Neverwinter takes you on a tour of Port Nyanzaru

This is something good, yes.
The eponymous city is obviously the main port of call for players in Neverwinter, but there are other cities worth visiting. The next major update, Tomb of Annihilation, will see players heading to Port Nyanzaru, a very different city from the one Neverwinter’s adventurers are accustomed to experiencing. So why not take a tour of all of the best parts of Port Nyanzaru, seeing the sights to catch (and the important vendors to chat up) before you go there in the summer?

But perhaps you’re not interested in the lore tour, just the art side of things. Good news; there’s a new piece about exactly that, covering the challenges of making the city look distinct and novel with a very short amount of pre-production time. It’s useful for lovers of game production and concept art, and it shows how all of the locales you’ll visit on your tour came into existence.

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Look at this! my kind of place, i love what i see in the screenshots, that’s why i want a tourist mode in MMO, come on developers, let me just walk around, take screenshots, i’ll pay for just that.

[adding Neverwinter to a short list of MMO i want to try soon]

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Good choice! It’s lots of fun and full of flavour and atmosphere. If you like game tourism, some of the zones in NW will be right up your street. :)