PSA: Don’t get phished in Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is warning players about a “modest uptick in account thefts related to phishing,” according to a post on the official forums this weekend. ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray writes that the scammers are skipping out-of-game email and running their tricks inside the game itself.

“One of the more common phishing attempts today is coming from within the game,” she says. “The in-game message claims to come from ArenaNet or the Guild Wars 2 Team or it may be signed by someone who purports to be a member of our GM team.” Double-check that any mail you get in-game really is coming from ArenaNet (there’s gold text notifying you if it isn’t), click no links, and give out no personal information. Legit game companies don’t operate that way.

Locking down your account with the mobile authenticator is always a smart idea too. Yeah, it’s mildly annoying when your IP changes or you left your phone in your bag, but it’s a whole lot less annoying than having to beg customer service for the restoration of your hacked account.


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Melissa McDonald

I only use one mobile authenticator, for Hotmail. I got it when I started looking at the reports of how many overseas attempts to log into my account there were. Mostly from Arabic countries, I think, because of the email name, it is sometimes used over there as a first name, also in India.
This stuff always reminds me of Grandpa on The Simpsons when they warned him about phone scammers. “It’s not a scam – see, you read them all your credit card numbers, and if one of them is lucky, you win a prize!” :D


But Anet could do something on their end too, and finally get rid of e-mail adresses for login! And no, replacing it with the in-game/forum account names, (which was also part of the initial mistake, instead of having individual “nicknames” for both additionally) won’t help either!

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So much this. I don’t understand why shit tons of online services uses email addresses of their customers as login name… You just know someone will use the same password for the service and their email, and a whole lot of other privacy related issues… to save one field in their database. Ridiculous.


Get mail in-game from Anet that isn’t giving something to you? Use the report button, delete the post and move on. Use common sense and never have a discussion with support using in-game mail because they don’t communicate regarding account status or issues in game.