Worlds Adrift beta trailer demos player-designed islands

For a given definition of drift.

If Worlds Adrift isn’t on your radar yet, your radar could very well be broken and need replacing. But here’s a way to get caught up on just what the game is capable of: Bossa Studios is hosting a fan-made trailer by player Synovus stuffed full of footage of what the studio calls “some of the most impressive islands created by the community.” The builder’s-paradise sandbox is composed of these islands, designed for exploration by skyboat, grappling hook, and good old-fashioned feet. (And by the way, the island-building tool is a free download on Steam.)

The game is currently in closed beta; the team has been doling out keys for the last few weeks in limited batches thanks to heavy demand, though you can also buy access with a founder pack.

The videos is down below.


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Is it me or does all of this have a MYST feel to it?

flamethekid .

right now in worlds adrift

Option A :no moar keys till game is fixed
Option B :moar keys no game fixes for a while

and people are debating it.
massively should do a poll for if a game should pull out more fixes or just let people in and slow down fixes