Today’s MechWarrior Online patch adds resistance heroes, tweaks sub privileges

I did not get a handle on my fixation with robots.

MechWarrior Online is rolling out a big patch today with a whole lot of ‘Mechs to try out. The update includes new Inner Sphere Resistance Hero ‘Mechs, the 8v8 competitive mode and leaderboards, the revamped Incursion game mode for faction play, a “significant” energy weapon balance pass, sound and turret updates, and new loot. Plus,

“As of this patch, Premium Time is no longer required for accessing any aspect of the Private Lobby feature! Tonnage rules, Match Time, Time of Day, View Mode, and Full Team settings are now available to all.”

If you’re a dedicated ‘Mech pilot, you probably want to know the future of MechWarrior Online. Does that mean you want to find out about that future through an online town hall meeting on Friday, June 23rd? You don’t need to answer that, both because you’d be talking to the computer and because that’s what’s happening regardless. The meeting will be hosted on Twitch starting at 9 p.m. EDT and will be hosted by Russ Bullock and game designer Chris Lowrey. They’ll be talking about the upcoming Civil War technology, the skill tree, game balance, and some heretofore unannounced content. In the event that you’re not a dedicated ‘Mech pilot but more of an occasional one, you’ll have to decide whether the prospect of this new information is worth taking up your Friday evening.

We’ve included the preview videos for all the new mechs down below!

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Rees Racer

Having started with table-top Battletech whist at university, and a vateran of almost all the PC titles, I’ve been at MWO since launch (as a Founder). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it as an above-average casual player. I know the forums get a bit crazy at times with those complaining about weapon-nerfs and balancing issues all the time. I can honestly say it won’t affect my play-style in the least, despite the appearance of some fairly significant statistical changes to the energy weapons, and some chassis adjustments for selected mechs.

It’s just good fun to jump in for a few matches now and again to keep my skills honed enough to remain competitive. I think PGI does a fabulous job with the game.

Nathaniel Downes

C’mon, patch already! Daddy needs some C-bills!