The Elder Scrolls Online recaps the big events of E3 while players get hit with surprise bans

If you’re fond of The Elder Scrolls Online and have managed to tear yourself away from Morrowind for a few minutes, you probably already caught up on the game’s big announcements at this year’s E3. But there was more stuff going on this year than just that, and the game’s team has helpfully recapped the big events for players unable to attend, including the community meetup and the game’s presence at the Bethesda booth.

Of course, it’s easy to step away from the game if you’re unexpectedly banned, isn’t it? Players who preordered the game through Amazon seem to be having some issues, getting banned despite being players in good standing. Players who ordered physical copies of the game are still waiting on delivery of same, which seems to be the cause behind the unintentional bans. The community service team has been working with affected players as best they are able, but it’s still a bit of a kick for players who have done nothing meriting the banning. So… here’s hoping that if you are looking forward to the game’s next updates, you didn’t order through Amazon.

Source: Official Site, Banning thread; thanks to Edward for the tip!

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“What people would do is preorder the game, then apply for the digital code to get access to the game and stuff for early access, and then cancel the pre-order and keep the expansion since they got the digital code. I imagine a large number of people tried to get a free copy of Morrowind out of it, and as always, innocent people got caught by them trying to stop people from being [redacted].”

I see.
Looks like Morrowind early access was not just a perk added to an account but a conversion of the whole account type to be able to access the servers accordingly? And ZOS could not simply “unconvert” the account then?


Why couldn’t they just remove access to the Morrowind entitled features like anyone who did not purchase the content would have anyway? Seems excessive to ban the people and it is going to give them some really bad PR. They will certainly lose players who by an honest mistake or through slow shipping did not get their code in time. Will not be worth the hassle to get it all figured out since you cannot even log into your account to view the status.


Players love surprises.

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Wow, sounds like some players in the forums need to push their chair back from the keyboard, take a few good slow, deep breathes and do some stress reduction exercises. LOL


Something about purchasing a product that the customer is now inexplicably barred from would seem to naturally irk them wrong way though. o.O


Wow talk about screwing up by the numbers. I mean canceling the accounts of all your best customers that’s just pure gold.