Crowfall illuminates racial bonuses and abilities in Q&A

The hungriest of domes.

There’s no doubt that a lot has been happening recently with Crowfall’s class and race structure, particularly following following May’s announcement that the team is separating race-bound classes to allow players more mix-and-match freedom. There were bound to be one or two questions concerning all of this, which is why the team fielded an hour-long Q&A session yesterday on Twitch.

One of the interesting reveals that came out of the chat is that each of the races will receive their own racial discipline with various bonuses. For example, humans are more versatile stat-wise and can use a side-step dodge move, while Wood Elves are trailmasters who can camouflage themselves while standing still.

The team also talked about cartography (which includes the interesting feature of being able to pickpocket other players’ maps), how it’s working to beef up healers, and what’s going on with Clerics (they’re coming soonish).

We’ve got the full Q&A session for you after the jump, and as an added bonus, we also tossed in a video with the team discussing what’s going on with the Alpha 5 build.

Source: YouTube

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The first video you showed is not the official one, it’s just a streamer who shadily repurposed the video just to include his referrer link into the start of it. The original video is still on Twitch. I really hate when people do this.

Melissa McDonald

I like this, very AD&D. Humans always are the flexible, adaptable ones, but the other species/races have an interesting attribute that makes up for their more rigid skill set ultimately.

Brown Jenkin

Always amusing to see someone reference AD&D with regard to an MMO, that’s worthy of some impressive throwback points.