NCsoft MOBA Master X Master launches today


Master X Master is officially launching in the West today, bringing NCsoft’s take on a multi-IP MOBA-with-a-twist to our shores. The twist is the PvE element, which was relatively novel for the genre back when MxM was announced but is now present in a few others. Still, there’s no other MOBA out there where you can play characters from Guild Wars 2, WildStar, and City of Heroes all together!

The floodgates officially open at 1 p.m. EDT this afternoon, but until then, we’ve rounded up all our coverage and streams of the game to now, plus a few of the game’s latest prep vids. Happy launch day!

Master x Master introduces Koom and Vonak - Eager to know when everyone gets to play Master x Master? We can't tell you that, on account of not actually knowing. Still, the game is introducing us to two…
NCsoft is porting its MOBA Master X Master to the West - NCsoft has just announced that it's porting Master X Master, its MOBA, to western shores "later this year." The MOBA brings together characters from multiple NCsoft video game franchises…
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