Trove activates all daily bonuses for week-long event

Be it ever so... whatever this is, there's no place like home. Thankfully.
Sometimes you just got to get a little nuts, you know? Go crazy and flip on all of the switches, activate every bonus event, and cackle maniacally. At least Trove thinks so, which is why the devs have activated, well, everything in the game right now.

From now through June 26th, Trove has activated every daily bonus across all accounts. This means that all players will enjoy boosts to XP, crafting, mining, and more.

Additionally, Trove is throwing a sale on piñatas, slashing the price 50% until the 27th. Oddly enough, console players are only getting this deal for winter piñatas while PC players are getting it for the summer variety.

Source: Twitter

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I really love to see Trove news here, just for the screenshots, it’s all bright and fun, i feel this game is so underrated, try it people, and have fun.


I feel the same way, I got a couple thousand hours in this game, It’s the one game I always go back to.