Rend delays early access launch due to an ‘amazing opportunity’

Well, that's why.

This will come as a bummer to anyone excited about getting his or her hands on Rend this summer: Frostkeep Studios announced yesterday that it is delaying the early access launch for the survival sandbox due to an “amazing opportunity” for the game’s development that was not specified.

“The excitement around the game has brought our studio an amazing opportunity to take Rend to the next level,” the studio said. “With this new support, we are re-evaluating current development plans and exploring ways in which we can deliver an even more robust in-game experience at launch.”

So what’s the new Steam early access release window? Frostkeep is now aiming for later this year to incorporate additional features and mechanics. The studio said that the delay will result in making Rend “an even better game than originally envisioned.”

Source: Rend

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Dug From The Earth

Heh, ive seen a lot of excuses why something gets delayed, this one is at least ambitiously creative.


To make something “an even better game” usually requires more money. More money means an investment, and finding an investor outside of Kickstarter usually means something to do with consoles.

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