ArcheAge Begins puts a call out for Android mobile testers


ArcheAge Begins’ title is never going to be as appropriate as it is right now. Gamevil’s spin-off of XLGAMES’ well-known MMO sandbox has just kicked off its first global closed beta test and is looking for a few players to give the game a test drive.

The closed beta test is a fairly short one, running from now through July 3rd. ArcheAge Begins is looking at a Q3 2017 release on mobile, so it looks as thought the testing process is ramping up to make way for the launch. The game uses the Unreal 4 engine and contains many features from the MMO, including raiding, fishing, and trading, although it is obviously not the same product.

Right now the beta is for Android players only, so if this is you and you have interest in the game, you can sign up for the program through Google Play.


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Shiro Madoushi

ArcheAge begins as the original ArcheAge is ending. Trion is selling best in slot items in the cash shop (for credits) now without any hesitation. The only source for these items is the cash shop. Any doubts about the game’s pay to win status are now gone.

Butterflies and Bunnies


“Any doubts about the game’s pay to win status are now gone.”
I wasn’t aware there were any doubts.

Wendigo Runner

If you think about it, ArcheAge was always designed to be a mobile game to begin with. All of the micro transactions, all of the P2W, the “fatigue” system that limits you to only so many actions and so on.

The mobile game market is where this trash belongs, frankly.

Pedge Jameson

Anything on mobile is crap and usually played by trailer trash. So this is already going to be crap before the crap that is Archeage.


What happens when you port a crappy game to mobile. it’s even crappier…. passs….


This seems to be the trend in Korea now. Your MMO bombs or fails to make income? Jump into mobile.


It’s free.
It’s in beta until July 3rd.
Worth a shot.


There can not be a more appropriate name for devs combining XLGAME’s ArchAge and mobiles. Gamevil!

Be afraid. Be very afraid.