Gloria Victis shows off the results of its combat upgrade


We don’t mean to surprise you, but Gloria Victis involves a whole lot of fighting things. You have various sharp bits of metal that you insert into some living creature or another, hopefully before they can do the same to you. So it’s important that combat feel as solid as possible, hence the new combat upgrade. You can watch the full trailer for the upgraded battle system below the break.

While the developers are still tweaking the specifics, the overall goal is for combat to feel more responsive, intuitive, and just plain fun. Hacking away at enemies should involve more skill and give players more options for how best to take on combat. It’s also worth noting that we are in the middle of the Steam summer sale, so perhaps you should take a gander at the trailer down below and then consider jumping in to do a bit of hacking-and-slashing of your own after all.

Source: YouTube, Steam (1, 2); thanks to Francis for the tip!

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Jonny Sage

Game has a long way to go but the fundamentals are there. Combat still needs work.


Not very impressive imo. It seems like the attacks don’t have impact on the opposing character, just squirting some blood but not animated very well. Almost like weightless combat.

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Bývörðæįr mòr Vas´Ðrakken

I am surprised to see characters with the blades held correctly for once. Most games the tip of the blade is held upwards as if it is a candle instead of with the hands higher than the tip of the blade so when someone swings at the blade the control takes advantage of gravity instead of simply waving your blade in the wind. Though the cuts really need to move to wip cuts. Those are illegal in fencing but how actual combat with a sword is when you intend to hurt the person not go through the choreographed positions that most re-enactiment groups use to avoid hurting each other accidentally. A strike is swung from the highest point forward of the body that you can comfortably hold a blade. a parry is from from the blade held over opposing kidney or over opposing kidney. a riposte is a parry forward of the body drawn forward in an arc to allow for mid strike or strike that is above the waist but not so far upwards to be out of line with the body to parry instead of mid strike. a feit in four is hilt to opposing belt (the person’s belt on the side opposite to the hand holding the blade) where it starts as rise to strike or lunge forward and rapidly makes four cuts from mid to upper strikes usually to include one strike toward the calves to get the opponent to lower their guard to protect their calves. Right now I saw a lash strike which is resting sword over opposing shoulder and letting graving draw the blade out in a lazy strike designed to gain space and breather from close in combat. I did not see any of the pivoting strikes or strikes where you put a foot your opponent knees to chest area to get a higher heavy strike against them. The armour they are wearing is hauberk and small plate it is lighter than what the us military uses as a basic fifty pound kit without a rucksack. The interesting thing to see is if the weights are based on the sca eighteen gauge or the actual 12 to fourteen gauge steel. twelve gauge being much thicker and better protection more likely to deflect arming swords and light war hammers and maces. SCA plate does not protect agaisnt actual swords but the period stuff needed war picks, mauls, and heavy swords, of the great sword, claymore, falchons, and hand and a half, plus the crazy pike breaking swords of the landsknecht design, like zwiehanders. Interesting though.

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Scott Leyes


OK, I have NO IDEA if the game itself is any good. It may be FABULOUS.

But that “trailer” is an unadulterated piece of poo. It’s supposed to highlight the combat?

– OH LOOK – you can sidestep and walk backwards to avoid slow enemies!
– WOW – you can hold your weapon at an angle to deflect non-existent attacks!
– SNAP – you can swing your broadsword in a lazy arc that wouldn’t cut a strip of toilet paper!
– SCIENCE – “We took animations from poorly-drawn medieval manuscripts!
– OOOH – Explore new lands sprinting IN FULL PLATE ‘cuz that’s what a REAL Knight would do! (REAL MEAN don’t change clothes or use a horse)
– YEAH – “Conquer new towns and castles” – apparently by running in through the front gate that conveniently opens for you!

Seriously, people, at least hire a sophomore advertising major to make these things. Or to tell you NOT to make these things. At least Eastern games cover their grind with exciting sound effects and screen-shattering explosions.

CloakingDonkey .

video quality not withstanding you can’t really blame it for your rudimentary pop culture knowledge of history. ;)