Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor reveals key expansion details

The cat is out of the bag, and this year’s Lord of the Rings Online expansion into the long-awaited country of Mordor is going to be called… Mordor. Let that sink in for a minute.

The Standing Stone Games team devoted an hour-long livestream to unveiling key details (but not everything!) about this summer’s expansion, including the following:

  • Mordor will add five regions to the game and increase the level cap by 10 to 115. Crafting will also be increased to 115 and the virtue cap will increase to 20.
  • The expansion is “not going to be easy” but “not discouragingly difficult.” Stay on the main path for easier going!
  • An “ashes” barter system will allow you to buy gear upgrades that haven’t dropped for you yet, curbing RNG frustration.
  • High Elves will have their own starting area and be able to roll every class except Burglar and Beorning. They’ll also have their own racial traits and skills.
  • The allegiance system allows you to pledge your efforts to a race and earn special rewards (including cosmetics). You can work on more than one allegiance, although they get progressively harder the more you do.
  • Legendary items will get new relics and additional legacy tiers.
  • Barbershops will now allow you to modify all of your character’s visual details (but you can’t change your race).
  • The anticipated avatar revamp is going to start with Man and Elves.
  • The expansion will also take players to Erebor (The Hobbit’s Lonely Mountain) for the first time.

You can watch it for the full scoop below!

Source: YouTube

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Konstantin Stefanov

I have my hopes up, and my spirit up for the new content :) good job on all except the marketing, SSG needs MORE marketing for the new expansion, paid marketing, more twitter/facebook posts, more stuff like that!

Malcolm Swoboda

Niceeeeeeeeeeeee. Interesting enough for me to not write off LOTRO, at the very least.


I just ran through the Black Gates and around the landscape of Mordor. Didn’t take any quests, just toured around. It actually have an emotional impact. OMFG SSG, take my money now!

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

My dwarf is happy.


“The anticipated avatar revamp is going to start with Man and Elves.”
This here is what i’m most excited about.

Kickstarter Donor

Aye, Loopy. Me too! Once they get the avatars all sorted, I’m really tempted to jump back in.

I’m actually toying with the idea of talking to my friends who used to play (and who loved the game) about forming a fellowship and — once Mordor and proper avatars are live — doing the whole saga together as a kind of “extended campaign”

We shall see, I suppose,



My characters will sadly never see it. Too much to slog through to get there and not enough reason for me to want to endure that hellish landscape. Congrats and enjoy to those that make it.


Take my money! Can’t wait to see what they do with the Dwarf faction … along with the other miscellaneous minor races. *wink*

odin valhalla

I’m so happy for people still playing LOTRO. I never thought it would get to this point its such a good game. For those in my gaming circle we were all blown away when SSG admitted that WB had very little input into LOTRO and that in fact all changes were controlled by Turbine.

For us that was the door closing. For all of you still in there, have a toke on some pipeweed for us in the shire ! And have a blast in the new zone

Melissa McDonald

you realize Turbine is no longer in the mix?

Vladimir Vladimirovic

you do realize it’s the very same company just with different name ?

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Tobasco da Gama

Time to speculate on what the High Elf starting zone will be. Apparently, it’s instanced off for a reason other than not being an area that’s not connected to the existing map. (Which is why the Beornings got an instanced starting zone.)

I’m pretty sure, being High Elves, the starting area will actually be located in the distant past, possibly even all the way back to the Second Age. Kind of like how Elves have a brief intro sequence in the past before jumping to the present time in Eriador. It’s most likely that they get to start during the time of the Last Alliance, but I could potentially even see them starting off in Beleriand…

(SSG don’t have rights to the Silmarillion, but I think there are enough references in LOTR + Appendices for them to cook up a small starting zone there.)

Vincent Clark

Also, if it’s laggy as hell on their computers (at SSG) which it clearly is looking at that video, what hope do the rest of us have. Sigh…