Overwatch promises to reduce duplicate item rewards in lockboxes


Since the only real form of progress in Overwatch involves skins, there’s nothing more frustrating than opening a few dozen lockboxes and seeing every rare skin be the same one… for a character you don’t even play. The latest development update from director Jeff Kaplan notes that the team is aware of the problem, and steps are being taken to ensure that the number of duplicate items received will be dramatically reduced in the future.

You don’t need to worry about losing out on the buy-anything credits, though; the credits you get from loot boxes will also be increased, so you should find yourself getting more credits even as you get fewer duplicates of things you already have. How well this will map out in particular remains to be seen, but it’s an effort to mitigate the randomness that’s always underpinned the game’s lockbox structure. Kaplan also discusses ongoing improvements to the highlights feature; you can watch the full development update just below.

Source: YouTube via Polygon

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The highlights feature is something i’ve been waiting for a while. Really glad to see it in the game, and here’s hoping they give us ability to save entire matches soon..

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I am seeing some obvious cracks in Blizzard’s seemingly impenetrable armor. OW has been falling down on Twitch like a stone in water and I’ll go ahead and assume the HS pack thing was done not out of goodwill but because the whale market is shrinking.

Could you imagine being a top tier streamer and having to play HS day after day for 8-10 hours, 6 days a week? Big time guys like Kripp have to be thinking it is time to move on. Nothing, certainly not an online card game, is fun for that amount of time whether or not you are making a living from it.

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mike foster

I think a lot of the fatigue in Hearthstone is that there’s no flexibility for any given patch. Unlike Magic, where your creativity is pretty much bound only by your intelligence and/or budget, HS sinks quickly into a “these are the two or three decks you have to play beyond X rank” quagmire.

HS just doesn’t feel super social or interactive, which maybe makes it harder to keep playing compared to WoW or even OW. It’s super fun for a few games at the airport but I’m stunned anyone can put more than a few hours into it each week just because of how stagnant it gets.


So, similar changes to the ones being made to Hearthstone packs. I’ll be waiting to see if something similar reaches HotS (and, perhaps, even WoW’s rare drops).


I dunno. Duplicates gave me currency and in short order I could then use that to buy the ones that I really wanted. I think people get too wound up over things sometimes. Its not like its impossible to get stuff.


Pretty happy about these changes. Another change that isn’t mentioned here or in the Developer Update, but is currently on the PTR is customizable cross hairs.