Lord of the Rings Online’s Mordor patch is now in testing – check out the new regions


Mordor comes at you fast, or so it seems with Lord of the Rings Online’s next massive update. Standing Stone Games has followed up its streamed preview of the patch with preliminary patch notes and instructions. The studio is currently asking testers on Bullroarer to test the leveling curve past the new level cap bump, the new crafting tier, the improved barber UI, the allegiance system, the gear recycling system, and the early stages of the Mordor questing area, which I can’t believe I just typed.

Udun, the entryway that holds great forges, quarries, and parade grounds of Mordor.
Dor Amarth, the rocky plain holding the broken bones of Barad-dur
Talath Urui, located south of Mount Doom, home to key fortresses, prisons, and military establishments.
Lhingris, west of the Morgai ridge, home to Cirith Ungol.
Agarnaith, a valley southeast of Barad-dur with a dense, pestilent, and bloody swampland.

LOTRO Players has collected a bunch of preview videos of the five regions new to the game when the update launches; we’ve included them all below.

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Source: Official forums, LOTRO Players. Thanks, Feodor and John!
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