Armored Warfare reworks the Ghost Field map

It would be more interesting if there were some actual ghosts involved.

After some major mechanical changes, it’s possible that a lot of maps in Armored Warfare just don’t have the pop they used to. But you needn’t worry about the Ghost Field map, because that map has recently undergone an extensive overhaul for both PvP matches and Global Operations encounters. And these changes are all made with the recent mechanical revisions in mind, so you can be sure that things like foliage and cover are arranged accordingly.

In addition to new objectives for the Global Operations encounter, players will also note that tank commanders are no longer required to pay for ammunition or repairs. This allows you to focus more on controlling key points and deploying NPC assistance to take control of the map as a whole. Check out some screenshots and a video preview of the map just below. We should note that despite the name, the redone map still does not feature any ghosts; whether this is a positive or not will depend on your personal attitudes about fighting ghosts in tanks.

Source: press release
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chriskovo .

It doesn’t matter the game is dead. I have tried like 5 times in the last 3 weeks to get in a game and every time I was the only one in queue for pvp. It was just bizarre. I think maybe one time I got in a game with one person on other side on the whole map. Even right after the major 2.0 release no one was on at all!

Jim Keller

War Thunder is still the best of them all. However Armored Warfare I need to give some props. Still the population on the NA Server is low and there is no PVP at all. IF you like PvE then it a go, other than that your it wait in “Q”.

Jay Power

I’d love to see this game come to PS4. WoT and WT have fallen out of favor lately with their communities (me).

Enrico S.

Is this game still populated?