EverQuest II kicks off new progression server after short delay

I'm so drunk I can barely see, but it helps be get through another day!

Following a brief delay yesterday, EverQuest II’s newest progression server is up and running.

The time-locked expansion server will start subscribers over at the earliest era of the core EverQuest II experience, after which expansion content will unlock at the rate of one every 12 weeks. The Fallen Gate FAQ has all of the information you’ll need to make a decision whether or not to roll a character on this server.

One of the key incentives for starting over on this special server is to gain rewards for all of your characters: “Heritage Quests are a staple of adventure in EverQuest II and we have some exciting rewards for those who complete them on Fallen Gate. Completion of any HQ on the Fallen Gate server will not only provide the normal reward, but also make a level appropriate version available for all your characters! Time to take those Journeyman’s Boots off the shelf put them to good use!”

Source: EverQuest II

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Wish a good company would buy the EQ ip and start over with it.


If I was a billionaire, I’d buy it and have a bunch of geeks from the 60s/70s be in charge. The ones that played tabletop DnD on friday and stuff, they know what’s going on.

A Dad Supreme

I made a character yesterday (Conjurer) on Fallen Gate. Still have to hit Level 5. It’s … odd being back in the game.

Spending most of the time in SWL atm so bouncing back and forth.


It is a good time Venatis. There is arguably a bajillion things to do in it, from collection quests, heritage quests, some pretty extensive crafting, regular quests and tons of other stuff.

Oh yeah and one of the best housing systems out there as well.


Agreed, Now is the time to experience EQ2, new expac every 4 months, “glad they took my advice with the every 4 months” and did away from the vote. You know you have 4 months, huge difference knowing.

This is close to what it was when it launched, sure some systems are not there but, this is much more what the game itself was designed around, then eventually destroyed itself trying to be a calk walk like wow.

I’m so into ESO and SWL, and before hitting the sack last night i remembered the launch of this progress server, oh FUCK how nice is this, just look at that, the sun’s coming up and i gotta be a work in an hour, please no… not again!

So yeah checking this out will give you a real good look at how well they destroyed the game, this game can still be very addictive when it’s running the way it was designed to run.

I’m going to 10 for sure, and subbed till November due to that sweet year long sub deal, i plan on poking around for awhile, no plans nothing forced, see how it goes and with an xpac every 4 months, the game will remain really good for 2 years, before the butchering arrives, so hey, never know may sub for another year.

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Eyyy, and they put the gif into their mount post that they accidentally posted the other day with “GIF GOES HERE” left in there : P


Though I have to wonder…does a mount like this even fit with a progression server? I thought those types of mounts came later >.>