Secret World Legends prepares to re-open currency exchange following rampant duping

With Secret Worlds Legends relaunch last past weekend, one of the tentpoles of the new free-to-play business model came under attack almost immediately thanks to an exploit in the currency exchange. Funcom disabled the exchange to head off the crisis and announced that it was going to ban those who duped the premium currency.

The team has finally worked out a fix, and some time today the currency exchange is expected to be brought back online. “[Tuesday’s]¬†patch includes backend fixes that have been implemented for the currency exchange,” the studio said. “We are planning to re-open this feature as soon as we finish implementing some additional server changes, and estimate the marketplace to be back online tomorrow (June 28th). ¬†Thank you all for your patience!”

A few other hotfixes over the past two days include a minimum price on the auction house to post items, a few animation tweaks, and corrections to wrong rewards being handed out in level 50 dungeons.

Source: Patch notes
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