Star Trek Online rolls out Season 13.5 on July 18

It never ends.
Things are getting escalated again in Star Trek Online with the release of season 13.5 on July 18th. Players will be tasked with breaking the legendary Klingon general (and former chancellor) Martok from a Son’a prison. This marks the addition of veteran Star Trek actor J. G. Hertzler to the game’s cast after originating the role of Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You can even check out an interview with Hertzler just below.

This update also includes the new Endeavor system, putting challenges before players to complete on a regular basis for rewards. There’s also a new Ferengi Admiralty campaign for players to work through, offering another avenue of rewards for players with plenty of ships under their command. You’ve got a couple more weeks to go before everything comes on to the live servers, but at least you can be assured it will escalate appropriately once it arrives.

Source: Cryptic press release, Official Site
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