Celebrate Neverwinter by blowing up a small chunk of it

It what is most assuredly pure coincidence, Neverwinter is throwing a star-spangled fireworks event just in time for Independence Day (the holiday, not the movie franchise). Celebration of Lliira began today and will continue through July 5th, offering players a limited window of time to partake in activities and earn special rewards.

By lighting off fireworks and performing daily tasks, players can earn event currency to exchange for limited-time goodies. These include a starry panther companion, a dye pack, a ceremonial mask, an item to heal your companion, your own year-round fireworks, and… BBQ. Smokey and sweet, just like how grandad used to make it.

Source: Neverwinter
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Alex Willis

Strong Simpsons reference there in the headline.

Loyal Patron

ooh, a knock-off Guenhwyvar! I’m all about that!