Chronicles of Elyria has 12 tribes planned, could include cross-breeding


While progress on Chronicles of Elyria has slowed a little this summer due to illnesses and vacations, the team has a lot to report in this week’s blog update.

One interesting tidbit from the post concerns the game’s tribal lineup, as the team has “skeletal data” in place that allows for the creation of a full dozen races. But could there be more if the species get a-mingling? It looks like there could be, as devs are discussing cross-breeding as part of the offspring system.

Out of the dozen, eight will make up the initial selection of playable races. These include Brudvir, Dras, Hrothi, Janoa, Kypiq, Neran, To’resk, and the Waerd. The other four will need to be discovered during gameplay in order to unlock them as character creation options.

The rest of the letter covered the glory of otter bears, progress made on the MUD client, and a sneak peek at the third version of the website. The team promised that a midyear state of the game address is being prepared and should be posted soon(tm).

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Melissa McDonald

nothing scarier than an Owlbear.
’cause owls.


Not sure I want to be bread with on of those things pictured in the subject’s header image. :(


“You know…you should be glad Mr. Schlag isn’t around. ‘Cause the way that reads just doesn’t come off right, Uta.”

I think you might have a point. :(


“CROSS-BREEDING”, “playable races” and “otter bears”. Why not?