LOTRO kicks off summer festival, talks Mordor class balance and testing

Break out the beer kegs and fishing poles, Lord of the Rings Online’s summer festival is back! The festival, which will run through July 16th, offers keg races, Hobbit eating contests, horse races, fishing challenges, scavenger hunts, and of course, dancing.

Looking past the summer festival to Mordor, one developer took to the forums to address a class balance and testing pitfalls for the expansion.

“Class balance is definitely something we want to address in coming updates. It’s a mess in several places and we know it,” Vastin wrote. “Once the new ratings, gearing, and monster statting values settle down that should give us an excellent stepping off point for updating class balance. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time and testing resources to make that happen before Mordor launches. Most of those changes will have to happen during the course of our time in Mordor.”

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