Pantheon Wars return to Skyforge on July 1

Know it when they hear the pantheon sound.
When the deities in Skyforge aren’t fighting one of the millions of invasions taking place on the planet on a regular basis, who do they fight? One another, obviously. Pantheon Wars are returning to the game for a third season on July 1st, and that comes with a number of changes to the format, starting with the removal of PvE components. If you want to take part in the competition, you’ll need to be directly competing at this point; no working around the task of fighting your enemies.

Scoring rules have also changed to make a successful attack more rewarding than a successful defense, to encourage players to fight over locations rather than simply defending what’s already been controlled. Argent donations to your pantheon will also award you double credits until July 5th, to encourage players to prepare their pantheons for war. It’s time for a big all-out slugfest for all of the marbles if you’re in the game, so get into the mix and look forward to more buffs in the future.

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