RIFT makes Prophecy of Ahnket free forever, preps a Celestial Storm for July 19

Trion World’s experiment this past spring with making RIFT’s newest expansion free for a limited time is now becoming a permanent fixture. The studio announced today that Prophecy of Ahnket (formerly Starfall Prophecy) is free “for good, forever.”

That’s just the tip of the good news iceberg for players of this game. The studio also revealed that Patch 4.2: Celestial Storm is scheduled to go live on July 19th, bringing a metric ton of new content for players this summer.

Celestial Storm will add a new zone (Vostigar Peaks) to the expansion’s comet, more quests, more raid rifts, more instant adventures, and normal mode for Tartaric Depths. Primalists have a particular reason to rejoice, as the archetype is getting four new souls for free: Farseer (AOE healer), Primal Lord (beast summoner), Predator (stealthy ninja), and Mystic (weather support).

A day after the patch lands, Summerfest will return to the game just because Trion wants to see if anyone’s head will explode from having too much to do all at once.

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Larry Yadao

Rift during Storm Legion was so fun. I easily chose that over WoW for a long time. If it wasn’t for either WoW or FFXIV as of today, i’d probably play it more.

People have to realize that the company has to run a business. They realized that charging for so much wasn’t a good idea, especially with games like WoW, FFXIV, and ESO being so big, so hopefully this move brings back more players because it actually is a very good game. I loved the PvP back in the day. I played a little bit of the new expansion and actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Good luck Rift!

Mystyrys .

Expansions going free within months or even days after buying them has been happening to me way too often of late. I love the bonuses and extras I get from CEs and all that, and I have no qualms with the everyone getting access to the content, but the high price I paid for a mount or housing or whatever and early access does not outweigh the buyer’s remorse.

Expansions, especially CEs, now get to wait on the back burner till I see if they go on deep discount or free.


It definitely felt like a free expansion. Just wish I hadn’t paid for it.

Kirk Steadman

Someone make a vanilla rift private server so I can actually play this when it was a good game.


Please and thank you!

If only the Rift system was so annoying to reverse engineer, there might have already been one.

Patreon Donor

vanilla wasn’t even best though


Must mean that not many people bought into it. Wonder what new mandatory purchase they’ll throw in next to make up for the loss in expansion sales, lol.

Roger Melly

I used to like playing Rift for the instanced pvp but this expansion didn’t offer a new battleground for the first time and in fact took away some of the existing ones after that I lost heart with it .

Preston Lien

I will give it a try. Rift was a great game a while back. Hope it can recover from it’s toxic image.

Lord Zorvan

Primalists aren’t getting shit for free. They’re getting the rest of the souls they fucking paid for but had to wait for. Stop being marketing shills.

Danny Smith



They would have to pay me to play anything they touch.

Kickstarter Donor
Loyal Patron

I’m not nearly as salty as some people I’ve been seeing, but making it free less than a year after launch… well, I won’t be buying any new expansions (if… they have more?) for a good, long while after they come out.