The Ex Inanis faction offers new loot for currency in Defiance


The Ex Inanis have arrived in Defiance! Gasp! Shock! This is unexpected! Partly due to the fact that we don’t know who the Ex Inanis are from the name alone, though. But they’re not a new enemy faction; they’re on your side, and they’re happy to offer you nifty new loot boxes in exchange for Purified Gulanite. Their leader will even sell particularly potent weapons for the aforementioned Purified Gulanite.

So how do you get that Purified Gulanite? All sorts of ways; you can pick it up from sieges, arkfalls, emergencies, expeditions, and contracts. You can also get a daily log-in bonus of Purified Gulanite from June 30th until July 4th, so that’ll help you get more currency for more weaponry and augmentations. Which is less shocking and more lucrative, but hey, that’s good enough.

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Malcolm Swoboda

A little amazed anything is happening with it. Hmmm