Secret World Legends is improving patron benefits, weapon unlocks, and more

Who wants to learn about FRACTIONS!?
Do devs listen to feedback? They did this week: During today’s Secret World Legends dev livestream Creative Director Romain Amiel announced some changes to patron benefits, weapon unlocks, inventory, XP, loot rates, and more — all in response to player feedback from the first week of play. The following changes will take place on July 5th when the next patch goes live:

  • Patrons will receive 20% more Marks of Favour, double AP and SP, and free teleports across playfields.
  • Weapon unlocks will now include both active and passive abilities in single unlock.
  • The first weapon unlock will be significantly cheaper.
  • Base inventory is increasing from 25 to 35 slots.
  • Sprint 2’s cost has been reduced.
  • Adding glyphs and signets will no longer cost MoF; however, recovering them still will.
  • Elite dungeons (which open at level 50) will have 10 levels, each increasingly difficult.
  • Every player can trade once they reach level 15; patrons can trade at level 1.
  • AP and SP earning rate will increase at level 50.
  • Dungeons will grant XP every time, not just on the first run.
  • Dungeons will have a higher extraordinary gear drop rate.
  • The first dungeon mission of the day will grant one guaranteed extraordinary piece of gear.

Amiel also discussed the downtime compensation that was promised when the servers went down to fix the Aurum exploit. All players who had an account as of last Sunday, June 25th, will receive 25 AP, 25 SP, 10,000 MoF, 4,000 anima shards, and 1 blue talisman fusion booster. Amiel also noted that the roadmap for content release is expected next week. Funcom is also looking at adding more payment options ASAP, as many players are requesting the ability to subscribe using Paypal. You can watch the full stream embedded below.

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