Shroud of the Avatar posts its development plans for Q3 2017

It's cool.

There’s a path forward for Shroud of the Avatar, and it includes the game’s story being done in July. Well, not totally done; the plan is currently that everything beyond one outskirts map will be in Release 44 in July, though. That’s one of the big parts of the game’s development roadmap for Q3 2017, covering the next three patches in July, August, and September as the development team rolls along.

Performance and the new user experience will also be major priorities for updates through the quarter, with plans to keep polishing the user interface, balance for online and offline play, and general quality of life features. Of course, all of the development plans are subject to change over time, so the update shouldn’t be read as a firm set of dates so much as a set of targets for the game to hit. Feast your eyes on all the planned changes in the full dispatch, and get ready to play the game’s story from start to finish in the very near future.


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Broken buggy mess exclusively for whales.


Q3 2017 Development Plan : Pack cash shop with more overpriced crap to try and harpoon some more whales.