Black Desert has no plans for localized China-only content

Chinese players will be able to enjoy a localized version of Black Desert courtesy of Snail Games, but according a recent interview with developers Pearl Abyss the game will not have any specific content just for Chinese players. Adjustments may be made to costumes to deal with governmental censorship policies, and there’s the possibility of more costumes down the line, but nothing is yet being planned.

The Snail Games partnership apparently came down to a similar development history and philosophy, with Black Desert having already been highly anticipated in China. Players who are currently playing on overseas servers or private servers will be courted to join the official servers once they launch, to boot. For fans currently playing on the western version of the game with more interest in developing the existing game, there are also plans to bring stage two Awakenings to the classes while adding more classes to the existing lineup, so players can look forward to that in the future.

Source: MMO Culture

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Most of the game actually has a pretty modest aesthetic. There’s a clear western style influence over most of Serendia/Calpheon (knights, armor, castles, forts, hamlets) to the more African style of Valencia. Most characters in game are appropriately dressed with players being the ones that actually stand out. That said, the player costumes are an entirely other matter and it’s a struggle in many cases to find a costume that’s not too revealing for female characters. Not sure how they’ll do that with China but not sure exactly how restrictive China is.

Otherwise, yeap. As lukewarm is BDO is around here, it’s pretty much taking off full steam around the globe and with extreme popularity these days in NA/EU.

Duey Bear

Black Desert is going to be nearly as international as WoW at this rate.