Phantasy Star Online 2 unveils its Hero class this month — and here’s how you can play it

Very, very, very late.

Phantasy Star Online 2’s most advanced class to date is getting ready to break into the scene later this month. On July 26th, the Japanese servers will patch in the Hero class, which is reportedly the most challenging (and powerful) profession to date. The Hero can wield three weapons and swap between them at will, requiring a flexible mindset for combat encounters.

So why do we tell you this? Are we tormenting you with visions of a game that you can’t play? Well, actually you can. While PSO2 will most likely never get a western release, there is no IP block from outside countries (apart from SEA nations) to come in and play. To make matters better, there are fan-created English patches to help native speakers navigate and understand the game (you might want to read the FAQ if you’re doing this).

Check out the trailer and the new Hero class after the break.

The game can be patched into English and played, as evidenced by this fan video:

Source: MMO Culture
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Grave Knight

The problem, however, is that Article 2.8 still exists that “prohibits” people outside of Japan to play PSO2 (has a lot to do with group of assholes’ misguided attempts at retribution).

I really wish SEGA would just remove Article 2.8, add language support and world servers.


I played the English client a while back. I was a really big fan of PSO1 and PSU. I played PSO1 an absolute ton, so it was only natural I tried PSO2. I really loved it, but I can’t stand having to connect to JP servers to play it. It really breaks my heart that western audiences will never see this game get a proper release. We keep getting all these crappy KR RPGs, so why can’t we have a good JP one now? I just fail to understand why it doesn’t get a release here, there is a really high demand and the official teaser site is still up after all these years. I’ll keep praying it does someday.


It’s been a few years since I last checked out PSO2, but the English patcher is pretty legit. They also made it pretty simple to keep up-to-date with it and you can launch the game through it.

Shame though that buying currency for the cash shop is still quite a hassle as you have to use a workaround for it.


I am pretty sure their target audience was the 4 Chan demographic. /sigh


Note to pigtailed self: If I ever stream live a game, I’ll make damn sure that it’s narrated in a way that David Attenborough would certainly approve. Just saying. :(